122 Linden Court

Linden Court is a cul de sac of twelve homes in the Woods Road Subdivision off of Summit Street. Built in 1930 as Linden Place, all of the houses were completed by 1931. The house at 122 Linden Court, on the northwest corner of Linden and Woods, was first owned by the family of Thaddeus McDaris. But its best-known residents were the Durant family, who lived in the house for thirty-two years. William Durant, who grew up in the house, owned the local floral business Durant Flowers for many years.

It is hard to pin architectural styles on the Linden Court houses. “Post Victorian” will do for several of them, including 122. Built in an era of pattern-book designers, mail-order houses, and speculative builders, these houses were well constructed, with plaster walls, solid wood doors, and comfortable interiors designed for family living.

Roger Maki has been an owner of 122 Linden Court since 1990. At first he and his good friend Lorelei Crawford owned and renovated the house together. In 1993 Edward Schramm bought out Lorelei. The house was a wonderful home-tour property in 1995. Much has changed since then, and 122, which includes a charming “front-of-the-house” garden, has become even more delightful.

The house feels Arts and Crafts and includes many pieces in that style, including both originals and reproductions. Savor your stroll through the three floors of 122 because there is a lot to see: wall stenciling, the Art Deco couch in the second-floor den, and a Waterfall Deco bedroom set in the second-floor bedroom are just a few examples. And don’t miss the 1930s gas stove in the kitchen, which Roger bought up north for $65 and converted from propane back to gas. On the wall in the hallway on the third floor is a large, framed manuscript of a sixteenth-century Gregorian chant.

This fascinating, constantly evolving home is an example of what can happen when people with passion, talent, and energy buy an older house.

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