203 North Washington

The home at 203 North Washington is more than 100 years old. Today Daniel and O’Bryan Worley are working diligently to bring it back to its original nineteenth-century glory. The house’s eclectic and expressive characteristics are highly indicative of the Queen Anne style, popular in the 1880s and 1890s when the Industrial Revolution swept the country. As in this regal 1890 beauty, the exteriors of Queen Anne houses were often innovative and ornamental. Note the spindle work and other decorative details. Unfortunately these glorious details often proved difficult to maintain. For this reason, the Queen Anne style fell out of favor around the turn of the last century while smaller, more serious styles took center stage.

This graceful charmer was eventually divided into separate units. During the conversion to apartments, walls were added and doors sealed or removed. A second kitchen was built upstairs and all of the utilities were separated to support two units. Despite these changes, much of the original character has been left intact. High ceilings abound throughout and beautiful woodwork graces most of the home.

Beginning in August 2003, the Worleys began the daunting task of returning this house to a single-family dwelling. They launched the restoration process by freshening the house with paint, uncovering hidden gardens, and rebuilding the master suite. Next came a new kitchen, the culinary and social hub of the Worley home.

Tourgoers will enjoy their glimpse of an energetic and creative family’s efforts to restore a downtown gem.

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