402 South Huron

402 South Huron

Built in 1895 by the Weinmann family, who owned a local drug store, this lovely Queen Anne house has had the good fortune of being rescued by Brynn and Paul Raupagh. The house went into foreclosure in 2005 and two years later the Raupaghs purchased it from the bank. They had not been looking for a home to restore, but liked the idea of bringing it back to life while maintaining its historical integrity.

The Weinmanns put an addition on the rear of the house around 1914 to accommodate an additional family. In recent years, the house was subdivided into apartments. It had been neglected and vandalized by the time the Raupaghs discovered it. They believe the house was once 3,600 square feet; today it is 3,000 square feet.

The Raupaghs, who are experienced builders and remodelers, discovered several more additions and changes to the 1895 structure. But original to the house are oak floors throughout; a stained glass window; the beautiful, large pocket doors; the ceilings; and even some of the light fixtures. The interesting circular window originally opened onto a front porch. This old painted lady is getting a new set of colors. Brynn researched historical colors of the era and is pleased with her choice of hopsack and blonde. Today’s tourgoers will note that the house is very much a work-in-progress.

The Raupaghs are hoping that someone who appreciates this historic house will become its next owner.

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