845 East Cross

Randy and Kathy Fettes are decorative painters and the owners of Rand and Company Interiors. Naturally they like to practice their painting skills on their own house, so tourgoers interested in decorative painting won’t want to miss this stop on today’s tour.

Kathy describes their home as a “wacky brick house.” The brickwork includes distinctive insets with stone, granite, and marble. Be sure to take a close look at the unusual exterior. The house was built in 1920, but no one seems to know much else about it.

The Fetteses first rented the house in 1998, buying it three years later in 2001. The interior has an arts and crafts feel. Kathy describes their decorating style as “shabby chic—trash to treasure.” Of their taste, she says, “It’s us.” The house displays their real flair for putting together found or used furniture and decorative objects. They pick up “whatever really attracts us,” says Kathy, from flea markets, resale shops, off the curb, or at Apple Annie’s in Depot Town. They also frequent a resale shop in Northville called Consignment Interiors that is near the homes of many of their clients. And they purchase “seconds” at stores like Home Goods.

Examples of Kathy and Randy’s treasures include a dining room table and sideboard by Paul McCobb (a Haywood Wakefield contemporary); a 100-year old African Mossi lizard mask; four chrome, rosewood, and leather game chairs from a yacht; and an original 1970s Picasso lithograph poster.

In preparation for the home tour, the Fetteses have had their front door rebuilt and their wood floors redone. Best of all, they’ve been lavishing their decorative painting expertise on all of their rooms.

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