March 21: Urban Forestry Plan and Ypsilanti Tree Nursery – A Community Wide Effort

Ypsilanti City Planner Teresa Gillotti
Ladies Literary Club
218 N Washington Street

The program is free and open to the public.  Refreshments will be served.

The City of Ypsilanti has applied for and received a grant to complete a tree inventory of street and parks trees in the City and to develop an urban forestry plan. This plan will then be used to inform what trees to plant in a city-owned Tree Nursery to be located on the SE corner of the Water Street Redevelopment Area.

Once developed, the City hopes to create a program whereby neighbors, businesses, and others interested in replanting street and parks trees can do so by request and use material from the tree nursery for the benefit of all. There’s much to do in coordinating this effort, but the nursery setup and planting are scheduled for this spring and fall.