Period Revivals, 1920—1940+

The early 1920s saw another wave of picturesque revivals of earlier styles in endless variety with English derivatives the favorites; Georgian, Italian, Spanish, and American Colonial also flourished.

PERIOD COLONIAL: variety of colonial forms, often brick first story, clapboard second story; picturesque dormers; tall chimneys.


935 Pearl, 1922

PERIOD COTSWOLD: stucco walls; round eaves to imitate thatch; eyebrow dormers; 1—2 stories; casement windows; brick or stone trim; sometimes half-timbered.


911 Pearl, 1929

709 Cambridge, c.1925

PERIOD TUDOR:stucco, half-timbered; usually brick or stone trim; steeply pitched roof, gable or hip; tapered front chimney.


921 Woods, 1940 - Period English Medieval

PERIOD ENGLISH: stone or brick; steeply pitched roof, slate shingles; hip or gable dormers; diamond—paned casement windows.